Publications, Manuscripts, and Scholarly Writing

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.Ernest Hemingway
  • A Story of Units: Elementary Algorithms

    Elementary Mathematics is about 1) increasing conceptual understanding and 2) Using modeling and mathematical relationships to aid in students understanding of abstract concepts and make lasting connections.

  • Universal Design for Learning and Scaffolding in Mathematics

    UdL in Elementary, Middle and High School Mathematics, published by the New York State Department of Education and Eureka Math textbook series. Implementing strategies for students with disabilities, students performing below and above grade level and ELL students.

  • A Story of Ratios, Proportions, and Algebra

    Co-Authored a series of textbooks produced by Great Minds which focuses on increasing student performance in middle-school mathematics while fostering deeper understandings of ratios, proportions and algebraic development.

  • Fractions: Strategies, Concept and Modeling

    Worked exclusively with the U.S. Department of Education’s NIMAC and AIMS to foster accessibility in mathematics and science. Published over 255 works that are deposited both in the US Library of Congress and accessible to all school districts in the United States.

  • New York State Education Department Published Work

    Published presentations and scholarly writing to help NYS mathematics and science teachers implement high level and researched based teaching strategies in the K-12 classroom.

  • National Council for Teachers of Mathematics

    Manuscripts focused around using growth mindset and best-teaching practices in the GK-12 mathematics classroom.

Professional Presentation

  • New York State Education Department Presentation

    Training workshop in Albany, NY for NYS Administrators in Mathematics instruction. (2013)

  • Mathematics Presentation - Conceptual Understanding

    Training workshop for professors, teachers and administrators on how to increase conceptual understanding in mathematics. (2014)

  • Arizona State Education Department

    Arizona State Education Department presentation on increasing STEM understanding in middle school. (2015)

  • Increasing Fluency in Elementary Mathematics (NCTM Presentation)

    National Council for Mathematics Education presentation on fluency development in mathematics. (Baltimore, 2015)

  • Fordham Institute presentation

    Training workshop for professors, teachers and administrators on how to increase science education in elementary and middle school. (2014)

  • BOCES Workshop Presentation

    Deployment of mathematics curriculum in K-12 education. (2013-2015)