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Wertheim Company is a world-class developer of high-performance websites that we carefully design and engineer to fit the needs of our clients. Let us tell your story!

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Wertheim & Company is a Strategic, Product Design, and Development Consultancy. We solve complex problems with state-of-the-art technological solutions in the education technology, finance, and business worlds.


At Wertheim and Company we strive to provide clients with the most up-to-date workflows, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and support to bring projects from start-to-finish with a high caliber of excellence.


We are driven by a mission to accomplish objectives using the most innovative and advanced industry tools on the market today. Ranging from technological to strategic design, we can develop and deploy custom solutions to any business.

Strategic & Technology Solutions

  • Strategic Consulting

    We offer a host of strategic consulting services to help you meet your goals.

  • Project Management

    We take a project management to the next level, focusing on the design, engineering, and structure of organizations and businesses. The impact of our services can be evident from every portion of the project.

  • Education Technology

    Our speciality is education technology, supported by years of classroom experience and a firm knowledge of 21st century technology.

  • Website Development

    Custom web development services with perspective

  • Marketing & Social Media

    Be seen and heard…with a technological approach.

  • UX & App Creation

    UX & App Creation

  • ePub, Publishing, Graphic Design

    No matter what the size of the project, Wertheim and Company can assist in all phases of ePub, publishing, and graphic desing.

  • Authorized NIMAC Distribution House

    Wertheim & Company is an authorized NIMAC distribution house, specializing in Braille output, XML, NIMAC, Daisy and NISO.